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Workforce in Estonia

Workforce in Estonia

Quality of work in Estonia

Estonians are productive and highly educated. Skilled workers occupy jobs both in the private sector and in the public sector. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Estonia can benefit from hiring Estonian employees, regardless of the business sector.

The number of low qualified workers in Estonia is lower compared to other countries in the European Union and most of these individuals are making efforts to increase their qualification. Estonia has a well-developed economy and offers good living conditions: these are two factors why foreign investors choose to open companies here and why some foreign workers relocate in the country.

A look at the Estonian labor force

Most of the Estonian labor force activates in various branches of the services sector, followed by industry and agriculture, fishing and forestry. Most of the employees in Estonia work for various types of companies, while a smaller percentage of the population is self-employed. Tallinn is the country’s economic center and naturally most jobs are to be found in Estonia’s capital city. 

Regarding the employment distribution among men and women, Estonia is one European country that has a high level of employment among women, however employment rates are high for men as well. The Estonian workforce is productive, motivated and new generations are highly educated and skilled. Older workers participate in training programs and are constantly trying to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Employees in Estonia

Estonian employees must sign a written work contract with their employer. This document must specify the nature of the job and the duties, the agreed wage, the date it enters into force, working hours and other information. There are several specific cases in which work contracts are terminated. If you need help hiring employees, our company formation experts in Estonia can help you conclude any necessary employment contracts and observe the relevant legislation for employment.

Estonian companies looking to hire personnel can seek the services of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund or the services of private recruitment companies.

For more information about work permits in Estonia or other useful information for entrepreneurs, please contact our Estonian company formation specialists.