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Set Up a Consulting Company in Estonia

Set Up a Consulting Company in Estonia

Starting a business in Estonia has become very profitable since the government has introduced various programs under which foreign and local entrepreneurs benefit from advantageous conditions for doing business and an easy company incorporation procedure.

Among the types of businesses which can prove very successful in an emergent economy such as Estonia, a consulting company can be a great idea.

If you want to set up a consulting business and need guidance, our company formation agents in Estonia can offer assistance.

Steps for starting a consulting company in Estonia

The procedure for setting up an Estonian consulting company is not complicated; however, a foreign investor must keep in mind the following aspects:

  • –          choosing the right type of structure is very important – one can start the activities as a sole trader or by registering a limited liability company;
  • –          having a business plan with realistic expectations and predictions is also important;
  • –          being qualified in the domain the consulting services will be provided is very important;
  • –          knowing how to promote the business will attract a greater number of clients.

With respect to the Estonian company formation procedure, our specialists can handle the whole process on behalf of foreign entrepreneurs. They should also know that they can apply for Estonian e-residency in order to open a consulting company as soon as possible. Our incorporation agents can help you open any types of company in Estonia.

Estonia is a very advanced country from a financial point of view, which is why cryptocurrencies are widely used here. Bitcoin exchanges and dedicated ATM machines may operate by obtaining a particular business permit. This is known as the Estonian crypto license which has several categories, depending on the activities to undertake.

Types of consulting services in Estonia

Those who decide to open a consulting company in Estonia can offer their services in many industries provided that they have the necessary skills. Among the most sought consulting services are:

  • –          IT consultancy services – software development, information technology security and call centers are sought in Estonia;
  • –          consultancy in the financial industry, such as auditing and accounting services for companies;
  • –          consultancy services in the fintech sector, such as cryptocurrency-related consultancy; can also offer assistance for obtaining the Crypto license in Estonia;
  • –          marketing and sales are also two important branches of the consulting industry;
  • –          business consulting services is another sector doing quite well in Estonia at the moment.

You can also rely on if you are interested in Estonian e-citizenship.

If you have decided on a consulting business and need help in registering the company, please contact our company registration specialists in Estonia.