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Set up an Agricultural Business in Estonia

Set up an Agricultural Business in Estonia

At the present, around 3% of the entire workforce in Estonia is connected to agriculture. Out of the 45,000 square kilometers the country covers, around 21% is farmland and 50% is forest.

Estonia has an agricultural industry which witnessed a crucial structural change: the average farm holding has increased by 74% recently. The public and private investments between the 2003 and 2013 have also contributed to a greater competitiveness and productivity.

In this article, our Estonian company formation consultants outline a few important aspects related to setting up an agricultural business in Estonia.

Licenses required to open an agricultural business in Estonia

When opening an agricultural business in Estonia, the company’s field of activity has to be selected from the Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK). One principle activity has to be selected from the classification list. Our company formation advisors in Estonia can provide further information on this matter.

Depending on the agriculture field they want to activate in, business entities must acquire one of the following licenses or notices:

• The micropropagation of cultivating material;

• Supply of cultivating material;

• Packaging forest tree seeds;

• Handling of materials and articles which will come in contact with food;

• Food handling;

• Land improvement;

• Business operators;

• Handling of feed;

• Other types of agricultural activities: our company registration representatives in Estonia can offer more details on what these other activities consist of.

Agricultural activities in the field of supplying of cultivating material in Estonia

If you want to start an agricultural business in the field of cultivating material in Estonia as a supplier, you have to file a notice of economic activities to the Register of Economic Activities prior to doing business.

The producer of such material should possess the appropriate technology which is needed for the cultivation of certain tree species, while the supplier, packager and storer should possess the right conditions.

The state fee for filing a notice of economic activities other than through the State Portal is EUR 10.

If you would like to know more about agriculture in Estonia, or if you need assistance to open a company in Estonia, please speak to our Estonian company formation executives.