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Creating a Publishing Business in Estonia

Creating a Publishing Business in Estonia

Publishing in Estonia

The publishing business in Estonia thrives from delivering quality and diverse content to readers. Books, audio books or e-books and other materials are being published in the country and the types of publishing companies are as diverse as their audience. 

If you want to enter the publishing market you will have to establish a target audience and find the right titles to promote. Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you create a publishing company.

If you are already activating in the Estonian publishing business, our experts can also help you run your business in Estonia

The particularities of the Estonian publishing business

Although a significant number of companies in Estonia have publishing as one area of activity, the number of companies which publish books as their main business activity is smaller. Publishing houses usually print a few new titles per year while other companies only print calendars, yearbooks and other small materials.

Estonian publishers typically choose a target audience and print books that can be included in a specialized niche, such as children’s books, school books, fiction or travel books, etc. Small and medium-sized companies will focus mainly on one niche while other larger publishers can expand their business activities in time. In recent years media firms (especially newspapers) have also started to sell books.

Publishing companies will need to hire employees, especially translators, which are typically employed with a contract per one translated title. Another choice that publishers can make is to outsource the effective printing to other countries like China, Central Europe or choose to print in the country, as most publishing companies do. Our company registration specialists in Estonia can help you conclude employment or business agreements.

A suitable legal form for opening a pulbishing business is the private limited company in Estonia.

Estonian publishers

Estonian publishers can be part of the Estonian Publisher’s Association, a non-profit organization that includes most of the book publishers in the country. The Association protects the best interests of publishers and promotes cultural activities.

For more information about how to open a company in Estonia, you can contact our agents.