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Virtual Office in Estonia

Virtual Office in Estonia

Investors who decided to open a company in Estonia have now the possibility to opt for a virtual office, a much more flexible and comfortable choice, allowing them to benefit from a professional office but without the cost implied by a traditional, physical location.  Furthermore, this type of office has managed to prove its efficiency over time due to its low startup costs and risks. 

Below, we invite you to discover how an Estonian virtual office can help you. We are at your service if you are planning on starting a business in Estonia.

 Quick Facts  
 Address availability (YES/NO)

Yes, Estonian virtual offices come with addresses that can be used for various purposes

Local phone number (YES/NO)

Yes, you will obtain a local phone number
with a virtual office

Company registered address
use possibility (YES/NO)

 Yes, the virtual office can be used as an
Estonian legal address
Mail collection and forwarding option (YES/NO)

Yes, mail collection and forwarding are available

Meeting room availability (YES/NO) YES, meeting rooms are available with prior appointment/reservation
Virtual assistant option (YES/NO)

Yes, the virtual assistant is one of the newest features of such a service

Uses of a virtual office

The virtual office can be used primarily as company address for incorporation, however, it can also be used as a local address and contact point by local and foreign companies

Documents required to acquire the service Country code EE followed by business number (for local companies), personal number (for private individuals), non-resident registration number (for foreign citizens)  
Customized services availability (YES/NO) Yes, the contract can be personalized in accordance
with the client's requests 
Availability in one or
more cities  
There are various Estonian cities where virtual offices can be rented, among which Talinn, Tartu, and Narva
Timeframe to acquire the service (approx.)  You can obtain a virtual office in Estonia in approximately
2 business days
Employee required  No, there is no need to hire or relocate employees
to a virtual office 
Availability of other services Yes, bank statement collection and forwarding, access to dedicated communication equipment, etc 
Minimum rental period The minimum period of the contract is one month 
Advantages Quick and simple to obtain, immediate access to all the selected services, possibility to choose an office in a renowned business center, etc.

Who are virtual offices suitable for and why?

Any business owner can use this service and take advantage of the benefits it offers, but there are certain types of setups that would especially benefit from a virtual office in Estonia due to their particular characteristics. These are either new companies established by foreign investors, that can use this method when they first set up their business, or already registered companies in Estonia that need a point of contact in another city. The manager can start by using a virtual office and then, if his business grows according to his expectations, can decide to invest further. 

There are also businesses that do not require any actual company setup in Estonia, but rather just a simple method of maintaining communication with their business partners in this country. They could benefit too from the advantages offered by a professional and prompt virtual office in Estonia.

We invite you to read details on how to buy an Estonian virtual office in the infographic below:


Virtual office services available for foreigners in Estonia

The virtual office is a suitable option for those seeking to establish a temporary presence in Estonia with the purpose of prospecting the market before deciding on a permanent settlement. The company owner can run his business from a distance, saving a lot of time by avoiding traffic and also saving money by not being compelled to rent a physical space, employ people, pay utilities and certain taxes in Estonia.  However, it must be noted that the Estonian virtual office will not work as a liaison or representative office, as their functions are different.

First of all, the virtual office is a service which is based on a contract and which covers the following:

  1. a local address that is usually available in a renowned business center with easy access;
  2.  a local phone number to be contacted (secretary services can also be added to this service);
  3. voicemail services can also be requested in addition to the phone number;
  4. mail services for those interested in receiving notifications at this address;
  5. bank statement collection is also available for those who want to benefit from such facilities;
  6.  meeting room services which require prior notification for booking.

None of the services above are mandatory – they all are optional – and you can choose any of them in accordance with your needs. What should be noted is that in most cases foreign clients will use the local address for various purposes.

Our company formation agents in Estonia can provide detailed information on the best uses of a virtual office and the benefits of such a service. In case you need similar services in Brazil, we recommend our partner law firm. 

How can a businessperson use an Estonian virtual office?

The virtual office usually targets companies and entrepreneurs as it can have multiple uses. Even if it can also be used by natural persons, this service has practical uses, among which:

  • – it can be used as a registered address upon the incorporation of any type of company;
  • – it can also be used as a contact point for local business partners;
  • – it can be used as a local address for clients to better relate to a business.

The Estonian virtual office can be used by the following categories of clients:

  • – local or foreign single entrepreneurs;
  • – local or foreign companies.

The virtual office is one of the simplest business address solutions that can be employed when running a company. In the context in which Estonia offers e-residency, this is one of the most suitable options for foreign entrepreneurs who have obtained it and who want to have a presence in this country even if they are in another state.

You can find out more information on the uses of a virtual office from our agents who can also propose various options of this service. Interested in starting a business in Estonia? Contact us now!

If you need a virtual office in Estonia, you can rely on our local specialists for assistance in acquiring such a service.

Virtual office packages

In most cases, the virtual office comes as package made of several services such as those presented above.

The most reliable service used by clients is the local address which can be used for receiving mail and other materials as a communication facility. The location of the address in notable business centers is also a strong point when associated with the low cost of this service.

Virtual offices usually come equipped with all the communications means possible, such as a phone number that can be connected to an answering machine and fax (forwarding services can also be integrated), a high-speed internet connection and conference call options.

Our company registration consultants in the Estonia can offer more information on the services attached to a virtual office in Tallinn or any other large city in this country.

Virtual office vs. liaison office in Estonia

Sometimes, the virtual office is mistaken for an Estonian representative office. However, the basic and most important differences between them resides in the fact that the latter is acknowledged by the Estonian Company Law, while the other is not.

Even if in terms of functions, these seem to offer the same facilities, there are also important differences from this point of view, as the representative office can be seen as an extension of a foreign company (therefore it can only be used by foreign enterprises), just like the branch office but with limited operations on the Estonian market. The virtual office can be used by natural persons who want to have an address in Estonia.

We are at your service with advantageous virtual office services.

An Estonia virtual address for your company

The virtual office in Estonia is one of the most suitable solutions when setting up a business in this country. It is easy to obtain and to implement any activity from it, as it does not require any equipment, office setup, maintenance, or detachment of employees. It is possible to request the services of a virtual assistant, however, this is not a mandatory requirement.

The virtual office is one of the most versatile services local and foreign businesspersons can use to set up their premises in this country. Local companies can opt for this service in one or more cities across the country in order to have their presence acknowledged.

For example, a virtual office in Tallinn can be a good option for companies registered in other cities seeking to expand their presence at the lowest costs possible.

An Estonian virtual office can also be used by foreign companies interested in having a local presence, however, it should be noted that this is a service and will not enable them to carry out any commercial activity from it.

Should you need any other information on how to obtain a virtual address in Estonia, we kindly invite you to discuss with our specialists. We are also at your service if you want to open a company in Estonia.

Digital coin exchange companies are among the most lucrative industries in Estonia, and cryptocurrency traders have become well-known as the use of digital currency has grown. As a result of these developments and in order to protect users, the crypto license in Estonia must now be obtained for certain activities undertaken by local enterprises.

How easy is it to obtain a virtual office in Estonia?

The simplest reply to this question is that you can obtain an Estonia virtual address in just a few hours at the least, however, it can also take one or a few days if you are looking for a more complex service.

Compared to a several years ago when this was a basic service which included a registered address, a phone number, and access to communication equipment, now, it can come with various facilities and can offer a virtual assistant, a mailing address with collection of various documents, as well as other administrative and secretarial tasks that can be completed remotely on behalf of the beneficiary.

The market is now full of such services which have led to the creation of a real competition among providers. This aspect is also reflected in the price of virtual offices.

virtual office in Tallinn will usually be more expensive compared to those in other cities, however, compared to a traditional rent, the prices are still low, which is why it worth considering this option compared to renting office in the same building, for example.

If you have decided on a virtual office, you can have our experts verify the offer and then contact the provider in order to sign the contract.

Increased flexibility in a virtual office in Tallinn

Without a doubt Tallinn is the city where most businesspeople seek to have a virtual office in Estonia. The country’s capital has some of the most expensive prices when it comes to rent and property purchase, which is why until one decides to settle here, the virtual address can enable him or her to prospect the market.

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of having a virtual office in Tallinn, as the contract can be signed for a limited period with the possibility of extension. Also, if facilities you are interested in can be added in the agreement by a simple modification. Moreover, large providers offer this service in various business centers, so you also choose where you want to have your Estonia virtual address at.

Virtual offices can also be equipped with co-working spaces or private offices for short-term visits, which is why they are preferred by young entrepreneurs. Moreover, those who move to Estonia and want to work from here as digital nomads are the quite attracted by this idea.

If you need more information on why a Tallinn-based virtual address can be a good solution for you, do not hesitate to ask our specialists. We are also at your service if you want to register a business here.

The Estonian virtual office – a suitable option for single entrepreneurs

Sole traders who want to have a professional business address can use a virtual office in Estonia for this purpose. They can have their mail sent here or establish a contact point for their clients and associates. The fact that such offices are located in top areas of important cities will increase sole proprietors’ visibility and will help them gain the confidence of prospective clients when they have just started their activities.

If you need guidance in selecting a virtual address, our Estonian company formation representatives can help you. Then, all you need to do is sign the agreement.

Why choose our virtual office package in Estonia?

Over time we managed to create a complete and complex package including all the services necessary to an investor that decides to start his activity in Estonia. We constantly work on improving and updating our proposals and also offer personalized consultancy so that our clients find here the most suitable services package for their companies.

By choosing us, our clients will benefit from a professional office in Estonia at the highest standards for only a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Our clients will receive a prestigious business address which they will be able to safely use for their business correspondence. We will collect their mail and send it to them according to their instructions either by mail, fax or email. They will also have access to a local phone number in Estonia, incoming and outgoing faxes and voice mailbox, so all their voice messages will be forwarded to them by email. Our service package also includes registered office necessary for establishing an Estonian company

For more complex requests, our company formation specialists in Estonia are able to offer clients even several additional services, such as a dedicated fax service, with their own private and dedicated number, collection of bank statements and extra usage of the meeting room. We can also use call redirecting, a technology that enables call redirection to our clients primary number.

If you are also looking for financial-related services, please not that our team of accountants in Estonia is composed of qualified and efficiency-focused specialists. Our aim is to provide each client with the confidence that they can rely on our professionalism. We have a thorough understanding of the business environment which enables us to offer financial management solutions that are customized for each client.

Economic overview of Estonia

Estonia is a prolific member of the European Union with a thriving economy thanks to the advanced technology used by local administrations. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Estonia:

  • – in 2019, the country’s economy increased by 4.3%;
  • – is expected to make an economic recovery in 2021 when its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is predicted to increase by 3.4%,
  • – an increase of 3.3% is expected to be generated in 2022.

Our company has a vast experience in virtual offices and company formation services in Estonia. For further information or a personalized offer please contact our consultants in company formation.