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Setting Up a Casino in Estonia

Setting Up a Casino in Estonia

Opening a casino in Estonia

Investors who want to set up a casino in Estonia need to observe the general legal requirements for this type of establishment. Casinos are allowed to provide their clients with certain types of games and are responsible for the organization of the gambling games.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is the authority that regulates gambling activities in the country and also the main supervisory body for these types of games. Our company registration experts in Estonia can give you information related to the organization of such an establishment.

The Estonian Gambling Act

The Gambling Act in Estonia sets forth the obligations of a gambling organizer in the country as well as the requirements for developing these types of activities. Gambling operators in Estonia must entrust the organization of games to a reliable and qualified individual. A gambling license is mandatory for those who organize such activities as well as a gambling operating permit.

casino in Estonia can be set up as an Estonian company, usually a public or private limited liability company. The usual required share capital for a company that organizes gambling games in Estonia is at least 25,000 EUR. The gambling organizers can also engage in various other activities that can be correlated to the gambling ones such as catering, currency exchange and leisure and cultural events. However, if the casino provides extra services, special permits and licenses for these non-gambling activities will have to be obtained.

The gambling license in Estonia

Any casino in Estonia will have to obtain a gambling organizing authorization from the Tax and Customs Board. This authorization has no expiration date and is non-transferable. The documents required to obtain a gambling license in Estonia are:

– application form;

– proof of payment for the state fee;

– information about the supervisory board members;

– information about the shareholders.

The company must provide its contact information, its name and registered number and information about the types of games it will organize. The application can be denied if the company does not submit all of the required documents. Our company registration specialists in Estonia can help you apply for a gambling license for your casino.

We can also help you purchase a property where the casino will function and comply with the construction requirements for a public establishment. Our agents will be able to assist you throughout the company formation steps. You can contact us if you have any questions.