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Open a Sports Business in Estonia

Open a Sports Business in Estonia

So, you have decided to open a sports business in Estonia? Our Estonian company formation consultants can assist you in attaining all the necessary licenses and qualifications to do so.

Requirements for setting up a sports business in Estonia

When setting up a sports business in Estonia, it is necessary to apply for the setting up just like any other type of business, such as getting the business license, choosing a business entity and registering the company name.

Certain aspects, however, will have to be taken into consideration to match the particular requirements of a sports business. 

These include coming up with a business plan which can allow you to identify the target markets, set up the future plans and satisfy the particular needs of your sports company in Estonia.

Before opening a sports business in Estonia, it is important to think about choosing a location which will be appropriate for your plans. Our company formation professionals in Estonia can provide further assistance on this matter.

Also, keep in mind that the future development plans are also crucial when selecting a location. And that is because your sports business can start small and then develop to a larger scale.

You can also rely on our accountants in Estonia for a wide range of services, including bookkeeping, payroll, and support in preparing financial statements. Businesses can maintain a clear picture of their financials with the help of our specialists who can offer personalized services, in accordance with their needs.

Types of sports organizations in Estonia

The sports industry in Estonia is governed by the Sports Act. According to this act, there are five types of sports organizations in this country:

• Sports clubs;

• County sports unions;

• Sports federations;

• Sports associations;

• The national Olympic Committee.

The same Act states that, to become a coach in Estonia, a person has to:

• Ensure compliance with the general sports principles training and safety;

• Monitor the correspondence to the state of health and of the trainee of the training load;

• Have the qualifications stipulated in the Professions Act. Our company registration experts in Estonia can inform you on what these qualifications consist of;

• Other obligations. We can offer all the details related to what these other obligations consist of.

If you would like to start your own gym business in Estonia, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our company formation advisors in Estonia