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Open a Beverage Company in Estonia

Open a Beverage Company in Estonia

Although the overall alcoholic beverage industry in Estonia is declining because of the regulations put in place by the coalition government, the craft beverage producers, especially those activating in the beer and cider or perry sectors, are thriving in the country

In this article, our Estonian company formation consultants present a few key factors which are important to consider when opening a drinks company in Estonia. We can also help you if you want to open a company in Estonia in any other sector.

Retail sale of alcoholic drinks in Estonia

The retail sale of alcoholic drinks in Estonia is regulated by the Alcohol Act which entered into force in 2002. According to this act, the entities which have the right to sell alcoholic drinks in the country are:

• Beverage companies registered with the Commercial Register with the purpose of selling drinksC;

• Sole proprietors selling alcoholic dinks produced by themselves; these retailers are not required to register with the Commercial Register;

• Performing art organizations, community centers and museums if the retail sale of such beverages is effectuated on the premises of the organization for consumption or as souvenirs from a museum. Our company formation specialists in Estonia can provide further details on this matter. 

Companies in Estonia can also rely on us for accounting support. For example, businesses can choose the solutions that fit their needs and requirements. Our Estonian accounting company can offer a wide variety of services meant to help enterprises make the best of an outsourced solution that is more and more in demand.

Taxes imposed on beverage companies in Estonia

Companies which produce and/or sell alcoholic beverages in Estonia have to pay the following taxes:

The revenue stamp: it implies a particular marking which complies with certain security requirements. It is attached to excise products or the sales packaging which confirm the payment of this tax;

An excise duty: it is taxed on alcohol produced in the country, delivered from other countries of the European Union into the country or imported to be sold in Estonia. This tax imposed on alcohol produced in the country is paid by the warehouse keepers.  For alcohol transported from other countries from the European Union, it is, generally, paid by the excise warehouse keepers or registered traders. Our company registration advisors in Estonia can provide further details on this subject.

If you would like to know more about opening a beverage company in Estonia, we invite you to get in touch with our Estonian company formation representatives.