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Gambling Activities in Estonia

Gambling Activities in Estonia

The Gambling Law of 1995 is the main law regulating several types of gambling activities in Estonia. Over the years, the act was altered and modernized, so that now it requires businesses in this field to apply for specific licenses.

Below, our local consultants explain how to obtain a gambling or casino license in Estonia. Our agents are at your service with support in filing for it.

Types of gambling activities in Estonia

There are several types of activities that require an Estonian gambling license. These are:

  1. games of chance which are those in which the outcome is determined by chance and which are played using a mechanical, electronic, or game organizer-mediated technology;
  2. lotteries, which are games where the results are determined by chance, the prize pool makes up to 80% of the cost of circulating lottery tickets;
  3. totalizers in which the winning of a prize depends on whether the bet turns out to be true or not, and the amount of the prize depends on the amount of the bet and the winning coefficient determined before the making of the bet (betting) or percentage of the total amount of the bets as determined;
  4. games of skill are those that are played using a mechanical or electronic device and in which the winner is mostly determined by the player’s physical talents, abilities, or knowledge.

These types of activities are further divided into other categories that also require Estonian casino licenses, as follows:

  • – games played at gaming tables and on gaming machines;
  • – games whose results are decided by an electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical equipment designed or adapted for the conduct of gambling, or by the assistance of the game’s organizer;
  • – other games of chance.

Games that, upon meeting the requirements outlined in the game regulations, give a player using a gaming machine or gaming table the chance to win a reward gathered from the bets placed on such machines or tables, or another preset prize.

Subtypes of lotteries include:

  • – classical lotteries;
  • – instant lotteries.

Sports competitions, lotteries with a prize pool of up to €1,000 that are not held more than once a week, and skill games where the only possible award is the chance to play the same game again are not covered by the Gambling Act.

If you want to apply for an Estonian gambling license, you can rely on our local agents. We are also at your service if you are interested in a crypto license for Estonia.

The gambling legislation in Estonia 

The Estonian Gambling Act and the Gambling Tax Act are two legislative documents used to regulate the gambling industry in the country. They were preceded by other laws like the Lotteries Act. The Gambling Tax Act regulates the Estonian taxes imposed on those who organize gambling activities.

The gambling tax in Estonia is imposed on:

  • gambling tables and machines;
  • – amounts received from the sale of lottery tickets;
  • – winning pots if the value of the pots exceeds 10.000 euros;
  • – different types of amounts received as participation feeds or stakes in games of chance or skill.

Gambling operators in Estonia are subject to the same taxation principles and they must submit gambling tax returns. Our company formation specialists in Estonia can help you submit these necessary tax returns to the Tax and Customs Board.

Licenses for performing gambling activities in Estonia 

In order to open a company in Estonia that operates in the gambling field, the investor needs to obtain a gambling licence. This is mandatory both for companies incorporated in Estonia as well as for branches or subsidiaries of EU or non-EU companies. The necessary licenses are the activity license and the operating license. The Tax and Customs Board in Estonia is the authority that receives the applications for these types of licenses.

How to obtain an Estonia-based gambling license

An operator must receive a license from the Tax and Customs Board in order to provide gaming services to Estonians.

There are also companies that do not require any approval for the following games of chance, and among them are:

  • – organizers of sports competition;
  • – lottery with prize pool under EUR 1,000;
  • – commercial lottery with prize pool under EUR 10,000;
  • – game of skill when the only reward is the chance to play again.

Operators must go through a two-step process in order to secure an Estonian casino license:

  • – applying for an activity permit to confirm its eligibility;
  • – submit an organization licensing application for each of its gaming locations.

If you need support in getting a gambling license for Estonia, you can rely on our local consultants.

Licensing fees in Estonia

Companies securing a casino license for Estonia must pay a state fee, the amount of which is determined by the kind of gambling they plan to provide, as follows:

  • – providers of games of chance must pay EUR 47,940;
  • – toto providers must pay EUR 31,960;
  • – suppliers of games of skill received EUR 3,200.

Should need support when it comes to the taxation of gambling activities, you can rely on our accountants in Estonia.

The gambling market in Estonia 

Investors who decide to perform gambling activities in Estonia deal with a market that is currently developing and presenting new opportunities. The country did not have any gambling activities during the time in which it was part of the Soviet Union. These types of activities began to flourish starting with 1994-1995.

Estonia has gambling rooms and casinos as well as online gambling sites which are rapidly developing. This last type of gambling has only been legalized since 2010. Estonia has an Association of Gambling Operators and any company registered in the country that activates in this field and has valid licenses can join the Association. 

Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you if you are interested in gambling activities or opening an online gambling site.

For more information about the fees for gambling licenses as well as other requirements for these types of companies you can contact our company registration consultants in Estonia.