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Open a Real Estate Agency in Estonia

Open a Real Estate Agency in Estonia

The country is a profitable environment for foreign investors, including the ones who intend to open a real estate agency in Estonia, having no restrictions on the free movement of capital and a simple, beneficial tax system. Located at the largest port of the Baltic Sea, Estonia has a modern infrastructure and several extremely profitable sectors, such as the property, machinery, food, electronics and wood processing industries.

Foreign investors who want to open a real estate agency in Estonia need to be aware of the same rules and regulations as for any other type of business in the country. Our company registration advisors in Estonia can provide more details on how to set up a business here.

Registering a real estate company in Estonia

Opening a real estate business in Estonia is an easy procedure and it can be accomplished with only several steps in a reasonably short period of time of not more than seven working days. There are certain documents which are necessary to register this type of business, such as the constitutive documentation and the bank receipt which confirms that the minimum share capital was deposited. 

Starting a real estate agency as an OU in Estonia

In order to open a real estate agency in Estonia, one must choose the legal structure suited for his/her future business. There are several types of companies available for incorporation in Estonia and the most common one is the limited liability company.  An OU (the correspondent for a private limited liability company) in Estonia represents a good choice for small and medium sized businesses because it is less expensive and easy to run. In order to set up an OU in Estonia, the following steps have to be taken:

• Choose a unique name – in English or Estonian;

• Gather the minimum share capital of EUR 2,550 divided in shares owned by shareholders with a minimum value per share of EUR 6.4;

• Register the shares in the Estonian Central Securities Register – not obligatory.

Foreign investors interested in acquiring more information on how to open a real estate agency in Estonia can contact our Estonian company formation professionals.