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E-Residency in Estonia

E-Residency in Estonia

The E-residency program is a convenient manner of acquiring residency and performing all of the business-related activities. It is addressed to foreign investors in Estonia and it is the first of its type.

Company registration in Estonia is a straightforward process, simplified by the existence of the e-residency programme. 

If you want to become an e-citizen in Estonia, you can read below how you can achieve that.

Who can apply for Estonian e-residency?

Estonia residency implies obtaining an electronic card, hence the name e-residence, based on which a person can complete various operations online. The program is one of the most advanced in the world and at the time it appeared, it was unique in the world.

The following persons can become e-citizens of Estonia under this program:

  1. persons who have opened Estonian companies but want to manage them remotely;
  2. businesspersons interested in setting up companies in Estonia without leaving their home countries;
  3. freelancers who have clients in Estonia and need to pay taxes here while delivering their work from their home countries;
  4. digital nomads who want to have legal structures to operate under and want to have them in Estonia.

If you are interested in the Estonia e-residency cost, our local specialists are at your disposal with more information on this subject.

Is the e-resident scheme available for anyone in the world?

Many persons consider that Estonian e-residency can be accessed by EU citizens, given the country’s membership to the European Union, however, the program is available for everyone in the world. It is true that most of the persons accessing it are European citizens, however, this happens because of the proximity of their home countries to Estonia.

So, no matter where you are from, if you want to obtain an e-resident card for Estonia, you can do that without any worry.

The advantages of becoming an e-resident in Estonia in 2024

Estonia is proposing a unique concept to all foreign investors and location-independent business owners: its e-residency programme offers the advantages of becoming an Estonian resident and maintaining the convenience of not having to be present in the country for corporate management purposes.

In 2024, E-residents in Estonia can operate their Estonian company even if they are not present in the country and they do not need to deal with company relocation issues. Moreover, there is no need for the company to have a local director, full foreign company ownership is permitted.

E-residents can:

  • – open a company in Estonia regardless of where they are in the world;
  • – access online banking and online payment options, according to their preferences;
  • – sign contracts, authenticate documents regardless of the location in which they are at the time;
  • – conveniently manage the tax requirements for their company in Estonia.

Investors who do want to set up their business in the country can request the special virtual office services provided by our company registration agents in Estonia. We can provide the package that offers office space and local secretary services.

E-resident application and company registration in Estonia in 2024

The e-residency application is performed online and involves a few steps. The applicant must submit a number of documents, fill in and submit the online secure form and wait for his application to be processed. If the application is approved, the entrepreneur receives a digital ID card.

The documents needed for applying for e-residency in Estonia are the following:

  • – ID copy;
  • – passport photo;
  • – motivation statement;
  • – valid credit card (card exceptions apply).

The digital ID card runs with a special software that allows its user to perform the needed activities. 

One of our Estonian company formation experts can give you more details about investing in the country, the available types of companies and the opportunities for foreign investors.

How to open a company as an e-citizen in Estonia

Opening a company in Estonia was already simple, however, this program enables foreign citizens to benefit from even an easier business registration procedure as it can be completed remotely. The procedure implies electronically filing one’s personal documents and the papers associated with the type of entity one wants to create. However, there are also steps that can require local assistance, case in which our Estonian company formation agents are at one’s service.

Foreign citizens can set up sole proprietorships or private limited companies under which they can benefit from numerous advantages. They can even set up their bank accounts remotely.

Estonia residency through this program is easy to obtain and if you are new to it, you can ask for the support of our local advisors who can assist you.

Benefits for foreign business owners with operations in Estonia

Nowadays, foreign companies can expand their operations everywhere in the world without too much hassle and this also applies to those interested in becoming e-citizens in Estonia.

They can extend their business activities in Estonia and obtaining many tax advantages, but also other incentives based on the industries they operate in. It is also worth noting that e-commerce companies have plenty of benefits thanks to the fact that this country has a great internet infrastructure, but also because Estonian citizens complete most of their administrative tasks and shopping online.

If you have a company in another country, applying for Estonia residency can be quite beneficial for you and your business. Regulations pertaining to the address of Estonian firms will change as of February 1st, 2023, as a result of modifications to the Business Registration Act. What does this entail for Estonian businesses? The contact person has served as the e-legal resident’s company’s address, therefore the legal address has always been that person’s. The change sheds light on how to make a distinction between the two of them.

You can also decide to relocate to Estonia physically and develop your activities from here and if you need support, you can rely on our specialists.

Estonia e-residency cost

Many foreign investors are used to the fact that obtaining residency in another country comes at a certain cost which implies a minimum investment. However, becoming an e-citizen of Estonia does not come with such requirements.

All you need to do is pay a fee for obtaining the e-residence card. 

So, the Estonia e-residency cost is quite low, however, you should also know that is not an investment scheme under which you can become an ordinary resident of this country.

Why apply for Estonian e-residency in 2024?

At the level of 2024Estonia has one of the most advanaced immigration procedures in the world which refers to e-residency. Apart from being able to obtain an electronic residence permit remotely, there are several other actions that can be completed.

Those who plan to apply for Estonian e-residence in 2024 will also be able to start and manage their own businesses remotely, which is one of the greatest advantages of this type of visa.

If you are looking for a change in 2024Estonian e-residency can be the simplest, yet most important step you can take.

Why choose to apply for Estonian e-residency instead of ordinary residency?

Estonia residency implies moving and living in this country, while the e-resident status comes with limited rights but enables a foreign citizen to live in his/her home country or anywhere else in the world but have business or work connections in Estonia.

This scheme was created for digital nomads and people who want flexibility, which is why this is not a most suitable option for those looking to establish themselves in a single place.

Recent numbers show that the e-residency in Estonia scheme has:

  • – attracted more than 53,700 persons who applied for e-cards since April 2019;
  • – people from over 175 countries are now e-residents;
  • – 7,800 of them have their won Estonian companies or are part of the boards of Estonian companies.

In terms of physical presence, preliminary data from Statistics Estonia indicates that as of January 1, 2023, there were 1,357,739 people living in Estonia, a 2% (or 25,943) increase over the same period last year. In 2023, there were 10,721 births and 15,832 deaths in Estonia. Based on the registered data, 20,209 persons immigrated to Estonia and 14,491 persons emigrated from Estonia. Compared with a year earlier, the number of births, deaths and immigrants has fallen, while the number of emigrants has risen.

You can contact us for more information on how to open a company and how to become an e-citizen in Estonia.