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Open a General Partnership in Estonia

Open a General Partnership in Estonia

There are several legal entities which are available for foreign investors in Estonia. One of them is the general partnership, which is a type of business that requires the association of at least two partners that will sign a partnership agreement. Foreign businessmen who want to establish a general partnership in Estonia can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Estonian company formation specialists, who can provide information on all the legal requirements necessary for this type of business form. Also, our team can help you open any type of company in Estonia.

Characteristics of a general partnership in Estonia 

There are two types of partnerships in Estonia: the general partnership and the limited partnership. The main difference between the two legal entities is given by the liability of the shareholders. In the situation of a limited partnership, one of the shareholders must have limited liability, determined by the level of his or her contribution. 

In the case of the general partnership, all shareholders, regardless of their number, are individually and fully liable with their own assets for the company’s debts. This business form does not require a minimum share capital, as the contribution of the partners will be established in the partnership agreementour agents can inform investors on the minimum share capital requirements in Estonia. 

Registration of an Estonian general partnership 

According to the Estonian legislation, there are two possibilities through which a general partnership can be registered in Estonia

• register at a public notary;

• register on the Companies Registration Portal of the Commercial Register. 

The online registration is available for the following types of business forms

• private limited companies;

• general partnerships;

• limited partnerships;

• non-profit organizations; 

• self-employed persons. 

It is important to know that if the company registered in Estonia has an annual turnover with a total value less than EUR 16,000, the business is not obligated to register for Value Added Tax (VAT); if the turnover is above this sum, the company will have to file for VAT at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Investors who need further information on the general partnership in Estonia are invited to contact our team of Estonian company formation consultants