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Open a Recruitment Company in Estonia

Open a Recruitment Company in Estonia

Recruitment in Estonia

Estonia has a favorable business environment and the companies incorporated in this country benefit not only from a great location in the Baltic region but also have certain tax advantages. A large percentage of the country’s workforce activates in the service sector and many Estonian companies make efforts in attracting and training their employees.

Recruitment companies in Estonia make it easier for the employer and the employee to find the best option for their needs. These types of companies handle the recruitment process, evaluate the candidate and recommend him or her for a suitable job. Those who open a recruitment company in Estonia need to pay attention to the market trends and have a solid knowledge of the Estonian employment laws. Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you open a recruitment company in this country. They can also help you open a branch or a subsidiary of an international recruitment firm

A recruitment company can be registered as a private limited company in Estonia.

Working in Estonia

The Estonian workforce is highly educated and the employees are skilled. Most of the labor force can be found in the services sector, but the industry and agriculture sectors are also well staffed. Depending on the type of company and their business needs, Estonian employers will have different demands from a future employee. A recruitment company will need to balance the requirements of the company with the qualifications of the employee.

The recruitment process needs to be efficient throughout all of its stages: the research part and the assessment part. A recruitment company in Estonia can offer services for all categories of employees and numerous business fields or it can target niche employment, such as executive search. When hiring foreign employees in Estonia, a recruitment company may also offer services and counselling for obtaining work and residence permits.

Recruitment companies in Estonia

recruitment company in Estonia is incorporated just as any other type of business. The process starts with choosing the right type of legal entity and our experts can help you make that choice. We can help you throughout the company set up process and offer you information about taxation in Estonia.

We can provide detailed information about how to open a company in Estonia. Do not hesitate to contact our company formation agents in Estonia for more information.