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Open a Website in Estonia

Open a Website in Estonia

Reasons to open a website in Estonia

Investors interested in company registration in Estonia can also consider opening a website. This step is optional but the new company can greatly benefit from it as it will become accessible for many different customers. Individuals can choose to use the national domain extension.ee or opt for international domain names that end in .eu.com or .net

A number of accredited internet domain registrars are available in the country and you can request the help of our company registration experts in Estonia if you need any assistance during the registration process.

How to register a website in Estonia

Domains can be registered by individuals or companies in Estonia and there is no limitation on the number of domains that can belong to one person or legal entity. The registration period is between 1 and 3 years but domains can be re-registered or renewed.

A specialized company is the one that will provide the domain, be the host for the website and solve any maintenance issues. The costs will depend on the chosen company and the selected additional services but Estonia has a regulation which says that all registrars must observe a unified base fee of a maximum of 24 euros for domain registrations

The individual or company listed as the administrative contact for the domain at the time of the registration must have an Estonian personal identification code. Applications for registration are submitted to a chosen registrar and each company can establish its own requirements. If you decide to open a website our experts can help you pick an internet host and virtual services provider that can suit your needs.

Internet domain regulations in Estonia 

The Estonian Internet Foundation Council has a set of applicable rules for domain regulation in the country. An important issue when registering a website is picking the right domain name. The chosen word/s, letters or numbers must be available for registration and companies can register domain names for all of their trademarks, if they have more than one. General domains or sub-domains can be registered. 

Our company registration experts in Estonia can help you register a domain name but also make any and all other applications for connected matters like suspension, deletion or renewal of domain names.

You can contact us if you have any further questions or are interested in other matters related to company formation.